Littelfuse E-Rated 200A Medium Voltage Fuse, Current-Limiting, 200E Size, Double Barrels, Clip Lock Design, 8250Vac, 200E2CL8.25

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Rated voltage
Ampere rating

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E-rated fuses have time current characteristics designed to provide current-limiting protection for power transformers, potential transformers, power centers, feeder centers, and unit sub stations. When properly applied, they can protect against high and low fault currents.

NEMA Standards for E-rated medium voltage fuses require that fuses rated 100E or less open within 300 seconds (5 minutes) when subjected to an RMS value of 200-240% of the fuse continuous current rating; and fuses with an E rating larger than 100E must open within 600 seconds (10 minutes) when subjected to an RMS current of 220- 240% of the fuse’s continuous current rating. These values establish one point on the time-current curve.

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