Littelfuse INFORMER Series, Remote Indication and Monitoring

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The Informer is a hand-held diagnostic tool designed for use with single-phase models equipped with infrared LED transmitters (111-Insider-P; 231-Insider-P; 232-Insider; 111P; 233P; 233P-1.5; 234-P and 235P).

The Informer uses an infrared receiver to access information sent from the relay which can be helpful for troubleshooting the system.

Each Littelfuse single-phase model listed above is equipped with an infrared LED that transmits valuable information from the device. To retrieve this information, the Informer’s receiver must be directed toward the unit’s LED transmitter and be within 8 feet of the unit. The green COMM STATUS light indicates when the Informer is receiving data from the unit. If communication is lost, the Informer will display the last values it received. The Informer will automatically shut off after two minutes of non-use.

An infrared adapter (IR Kit-12) is included with all new and updated Informers. This adapter allows communication with the unit without opening the panel door (for select models).

 Functional Characteristics
Power Input 9 Volts dc (requires one 9-volt alkaline battery
Auto Shut-off 2 minutes
Signal Infrared
Range 1-8 ft. (approx. 0.25 ft. when using IR Kit)
Data Update 4 seconds
General Characteristics
Temperature Range 0 °C to 60 °C (32 °F to 140 °F)
Voltage ±2 %
Current ±2 %
Power ±4 %
Maximum Input 0.25 W
Voltage 1.0 V ac
Display Liquid crystal
Size 2 rows x 16 characters
Keypad Three 0.5” diameter buttons
Mechanical Life 100,000 actuations min.
Overlay Material Polyester
Dimensions H 139.70 mm (5.50”)
W 91.44 mm (3.60”)
D 28.70 mm (1.13”)
Weight 0.375 lb. (6 oz., 170.10 g) (w/out battery);
0.70 lb. (11.2 oz., 317.51 g) (total package)
Material Black ABS 94HB