Littelfuse JLLN 60A Class T Fuses, Fast-Acting, 300Vac/160Vdc, JLLN060

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The JLLN series fast-acting fuses are the most compact fuses available in ratings above 30 amperes — less than one-third the size of comparable Class R fuses. The JLLN fuses are used for short-circuit protection of drives and surgesensitive components. When rated in accordance with the NEC, these fuses provide fast-acting overload and short-circuit protection for non-inductive circuits and equipment. Main switches containing JLLN fuses can be used to provide compact protection for meter stacks. It should be noted that molded case circuit breaker load centers and panelboards have increased interrupting ratings when “series rated” with Littelfuse Class T fuses. JLLN fuses are available in non-plated and silver plated terminations.