Rack-A-Tiers 11455, Wire Dispenser, Waterproof and Rustproof, Interlocking Pairs

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Rack-A-Tiers is a portable wire dispenser, workbench, sawhorse, and pipe vise all in one. You can dispense large spools up to 34” in diameter or multiple smaller reels at the same time. The Rack-A-Tiers split apart into two identical halves. Suspend your wire reels on an axle between the two pieces and enjoy smooth wire dispensing. 

With the two halves snapped together, you can use the built-in handle to turn your Rack-A-Tiers into a conduit carrier. Slide your conduit into the 5 holes and use the Rack-A-Tiers for easy transportation. The handles also allow you to pick up and move the wire dispenser without having to dismantle your reels while dispensing. 

Waterproof and rustproof, the Rack-A-Tiers electrical wire dispenser is made of ultra-durable high-density polyethylene structural foam. 

  • Fits wire reels up to 34” (0.9m). 
  • Rated for wire reels weighing up to 300 lbs. (150 kg). 
  • Five 1-3/4” holes to accommodate different wire reel sizes. Several reels can be accommodated at the same time across multiple pieces of conduit. 
  • DISPENSE WIRE – Rack-A-Tiers are the quickest and easiest wire spool rack to set up. This wire dispenser has 5 holes, 3 handles, and two ‘V’ notches for supporting wire reels of varied sizes and weights. 
  • SAWHORSE – With the two halves of the Rack-A-Tiers placed apart you can use them to support lumber or conduit for cutting. Able to be screwed into the floor for increased stability, this wire dispenser excels as a sawhorse. 
  • PIPE VISE – The Rack-A-Tiers cable dispenser has two ‘V’ notches that serve as a great ‘pipe vise’ for conduit, steel studs, moldings, angle iron, strut, and other irregularly shaped materials. 
  • WORKBENCH – Connect the Rack-A-Tiers to create a handy chair or workbench. Each base of the Rack-A-Tiers has four holes measuring 1-3/8 inches (35 mm) and alignment marks which make it easy to drill accurate holes.