Rack-A-Tiers 18455, Wire Tub, Wire Dispensing Lazy Susan for Wire Coils

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  • Dispenses: Wire Coils, Flex, Single Conductor THHN, & Cor-Line. 
  • Adjustable inner fins to fit different wire coil sizes. Max coil diameter: 24”. 
  • REWIND WIRE – Don’t waste a single foot of wire – rewind it in the Wire Tub and make the most of your coils. Wire costs add up, Wire Tub helps you save money by helping you re-coil any unused cable. The removable top plate has a handle to make rewinding wire coils a breeze! 
  • NO TANGLES – Having to unwind coils by hand is time consuming and requires extra effort to keep the cable straight. Eliminate the frustration from dealing with cable tangles, knots, or bends by using a Wire Tub. This coil dispenser will improve your work quality by preventing twisted and uneven cable runs. 
  • ADJUSTABLE – Wire Tub comes with three inner fins that can be used to adjust the inner diameter. These fins help wire coils of all sizes fit securely in the wire dispenser. This unique feature is only found on the Wire Tub coil dispenser. 
  • EASY SETUP – With Wire Tub you can start pulling wire in seconds. You don’t need to mount or hang this coil dispenser. Place it on the ground, load your coil onto the spinning plate, and start working. 
  • 360° WIRE PULLING – Effortlessly dispense cable in all directions without manual adjustment. Other wire dispensers need to be turned to pull wire at different angles. 
  • DURABLE – Wire Tub is made of the high-density polyethylene structural foam. Electricians everywhere know how reliable and long-lasting Rack-A-Tiers tools are.