Rack-A-Tiers 47030, Drill Operated Copper Wire Stripper, Used with Hand Drill

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A low cost alternative to the CWS-2, the Copper Wire Stripper Jr. is the money making tool that you need in your warehouse. Driven by a standard power drill, you’ll get more than double the money from your scrap wire. It’s that simple!

Mfg. Note: For best results do not strap your drill down. The drill should be able to have a little give while the stripping is taking place therefore putting less pressure on the drive shaft. The handle of the drill should be facing away from the front of the stripper. Run the drill at a max 300 RPM.

Replacement Parts:
Blade Part# 47030B
Red Feed Guide Part# 47030G
Bottom Pulling Gears Part# 47030W

  • Wire Range: 14 AWG – 4/0.
  • Strips NMSC 14 AWG – 10 AWG.
  • All aluminum frame.
  • Hardened one piece blade.
  • Strips solid core or braided wire.
  • Blade made from tool steel.
  • Blade easily re-sharpened.
  • Fully adjustable wire guide.