Rack-A-Tiers 52300, Stud Ball Magnetic Stud Finder

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Eliminate the guesswork when finding stud nails or screws with the Stud Ball Magnetic Stud Finder. This patent-protected stud finder magnet uses 27 pounds of pull to easily outperform other magnetic or battery-operated stud finders at screw or nail detection. 

  • Detect metal through 1/2″ or 5/8” drywall, ceramic tiling, ¾” plywood paneling, and other thick building materials. 
  • MAGNETIC – Stud Ball uses a rare earth magnet to detect metal through walls. This stud magnet never struggles to find the precise location of any metal frames, screws, or nails. The natural magnetic force locks on to any metal it finds. 
  • STRONG – The spherical shape of the Stud Ball Magnet produces a higher magnetic field, allowing it to accurately detect metal behind thick building materials. The round magnet also has less flux leakage, keeping its magnetism for a longer period. 
  • RELIABLE – Stop fiddling with battery-operated stud finders that can be faulty and prone to breaking. A magnet ball stud finder is always ready to use and has a consistent strength, meaning you can trust it is showing you the right spot to drill or cut every time. 
  • FAST – Find 40 or more studs in a wall with 5/8” drywall in less than a minute. Simply use the finger loop to move the Stud Ball across the wall and the magnetic screw finder will immediately stop at the exact location of any screws, plates, or frames. This is the fastest and most accurate drywall stud finder available.