Rack-A-Tiers 52455, Staple Shark, Staple Remover

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Cable staple remover and prybar combo
A cable staple remover on one end and a multi-purpose pry bar on the other, Staple Shark is a tool you will always want with you. The staple remover can pull out the oldest and most difficult-to-reach staples of any size without damaging the wire. When reaching through a tiny hole into a cramped space, the Staple Shark gives you increased reach and leverage. Remove staples much faster than you could with cutting pliers.

  • FUNCTIONAL – The most versatile staple puller available, Staple Shark can remove S1, S2, S3, and S4 staples, as well as “nail on” staples and cable straps without any adjustments. Not limited to cable staples, you can remove other construction staples such as carpet staples and flooring staples. 
  • MULTI-USE – With so many features, you will find new ways Staple Shark makes your job easier every time you use it. Not only is this the perfect staple remover, but it also features a built-in slot to hold staples so you can hammer them in tight spots. Staple Shark even has a ruler for quick measurements or use as a carpenter’s square. 
  • COMPACT – Weighing only 4 ounces and barely over 1/16th of an inch thick, this staple remover fits comfortably in your tool belt or pouch. The huge number of features on such a small tool makes this a convenient staple remover to always have on you. Staple Shark is a lightweight tool that will never slow you down or get in the way. 
  • DURABLE – The Staple Shark’s hardened steel construction means you can trust it to survive no matter how much work you throw at it. A purpose-built tool, this staple remover was designed to handle consistent use on the busiest job sites.