Rack-A-Tiers 59130, Bender's Friend

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Lightweight, portable 90 degree PVC bending template
The Bender’s friend is an easy to use template for bending perfect 90’s in your PVC. To be paired with a heat source, the Bender’s Friend will allow you to make kink-free bends every time.

How to use:
Start by measuring the distance where you need to run your pipe. Subtract for the elbow based on the info below. Make a mark on the pipe at that point. That is where your elbow will begins. Heat the pipe with the heating method you have on hand and lay it in the appropriate groove.

The distance required for a 1/2″ elbow is 5 inches.
The distance required for a 3/4″ elbow is 6.5 inches.
The distance required for a 1″ elbow is 8 inches.

  • No more kinks
  • Reduce your PVC inventory
  • Does compound bends
  • Perfect match for any PVC heater