Rack-A-Tiers 72102, Nut Blaster, XXL Blue

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Wire Twisting Tool for Tightening Wire Nuts
Nut Blaster makes tightening wire nuts effortless. Attach this wire nut twister to any standard drill and tighten your wire nuts in seconds! Available in two sizes to accommodate most wire nuts, Nut Blaster is the perfect tool to bring to any job site.

Save your hands from carpal tunnel and never waste hours tightening wire nuts by hand again. With this wire nut tool, you can twist wire securely and efficiently in just 3-4 revolutions. Your hands are your most valuable tool. The Nut Blaster wire nut twister keeps them injury free by providing an easy method for wire twisting.

The Nut Blaster opening has special slots to accommodate wing-nuts. This creates a solid grip to ensure the wire nut is properly tightened. The heavy-duty shape and size allow Nut Blaser to handle most common wire nut sizes.

  • Nut Blaster XL Yellow opening 5/8” plus wings. Fits all brands – yellow, tan, and red. 
  • Nut Blaster XXL Blue opening 7/8” plus wings. Fits all brands – Large grey and blue. 
  • Made of High impact heat stabilized Delryn plastic and a steel shaft. 
  • Made in the USA. 
  • SAVES HANDS – Nut Blaster allows you to tighten wire nuts using a drill or driver, reducing the strain on your hands. Repetitive tasks like wire twisting without a wire nut tool can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or general hand pain. Protecting your hands from injury by using a wire nut spinner means you can work longer and more efficiently. 
  • FAST – Instead of spending hours tightening wire nuts by hand, you can finish each one in 3-4 revolutions. Finishing faster means you can move on to other tasks. This wire twisting tool saves you time and time is money. 
  • DURABLE – Nut Blaser is made of high-impact, heat-stabilized Delryn plastic which provides increased stability and durability. With a steel shaft, this is a wire nut twister that will last for years.