Rack-A-Tiers 84100, Chip Catcher, Magnetic Metal

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  • Comes with a for KO Killer Knockout Filler even better metal catching
  • Can be used while drilling holes up to 3/8” in size 
  • The inside diameter of the larger hole is 2” 
  • LESS MESS – Chip Catcher not only makes collecting and disposing of metal shavings simple. No more trying to vacuum the metal chips and hoping to get them all. Chip Catcher has a separate plastic sheath between the magnet and the metal chips. Removing the metal shavings can be done in seconds. Simply slide the inner piece away from the outer shell and the shavings fall. 
  • SAFETY – Trying to clean up metal shavings by hand can be risky as the sharp chips can cut your fingers. Injuries can affect your ability to work and any steps to avoid them should be taken. With this magnetic Chip Catcher, you can collect and dispose of your metal debris without ever touching it, making your job safer. 
  • PROTECTION – Magnetic chip catchers are a fantastic way of protecting your valuable components from harmful metal shavings. Hot metal chips can cause permanent damage to delicate electrical components like controls, breakers, switchgear, terminal blocks, contactors, and relays which leads to serious problems and a lot more work.