Rack-A-Tiers 99405, CircuitIQ, Panel Mapping, Mapping expansion kit - 30 mappers

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App controlled Circuit Mapping System
Locating circuits is time consuming because of poorly labelled electrical panels & a lack of proper site documentation. Manually typing labels can be cumbersome and painfully redundant. Electrical records are prone to being out of date, hard to read, and insufficiently detailed or missing altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. We can help you recapture the right information needed to complete the job fast.

How does CircuitIQ work?
You plug the mappers into each of the receptacles.
Then you cycle each of your breakers on the Electrical
The CircuitIQ builds a digital map of the circuit and outlets on the job site
Scan a QR code that can be applied to your electrical panel for future reference and wire schematics
Now you know the layout and loads of your circuits

  • Travel less by using multiple mappers simultaneously
  • Map further with our ability to locate at any distance
  • Be 100% accurate using our innovative technology
  • Digitize all of your electrical information with CircuitIQ