Rack-A-Tiers ATB1312, Aerial Tool Bin

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Aerial Lift Tool Storage Bin
The Aerial Tool Bin offers a safe and efficient way of storing your tools at waist height while on a variety of Man-Lifts. It is designed to be used on: Aerial Platforms, Scissors Lifts, Boom Lifts, Scaffolding, Swing Stage Railings, and Mast Climbers.

-Reinforced, high-density, non–conductive, UV protected, light-weight, durable, orange polypropylene plastic and can withstand temperature changes from -20° up to 120°.

-Attaches to square or rounded 90 corners of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and aerial lifts and is secured to railings with two locking bolts.

-Equipped with partition walls, weep slots, a metal bar to secure your tool belt and it even has its own built-in handle for convenient carrying.

-2 removable partition walls allow you to keep your tools separated and organized.

Please note: The magnetic bowl is not included with the Aerial Tool Bin.