Rack-A-Tiers EF003, Efergy Elite Classic Monitoring System

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The Efergy Elite Classic wirelessly sends information on energy usage to the display monitor. Simple and easy to install, the monitor updates every 10 seconds to accurately track where energy is being used.

No need to add a separate meter base to monitor multiple suites in your home!

The Elite Classic updates every 10 seconds so you can instantly see the impact of turning a light on or off, boiling the kettle or using your tumble dryer. It has an innovative memory function that allows you to see how much you have used today, yesterday and in the last week or month. The Elite Monitor also displays your daily average so you can see when you are using more electricity than normal and see how your average usage reduces as you change the way you do things.

  • The Efergy Elite Classic Kit includes: 1x Wireless Display, 1x Transmitter, 2x 200A Split-core Current Sensor
  • Great for sub panels to monitor tenant energy use
  • For 3-phase installation please purchase an extra 200 Amp CT (part# EF012)
  • Compact, portable display can be placed anywhere in the home
  • Displays daily average
  • View your real time energy consumption
  • View historical data on energy usage (cost, CO2 and kWh)
  • Audio alert if you exceed your set maximum consumption target
  • Holds up to 24 months of data