Rack-A-Tiers EP08M, The Ferret, Cable Pulling & Fishing Tool, 8m (26.2 Ft.)

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The Ferret is a wire fishing and wire pulling tool designed to be more accurate, reliable, and durable than any other fish tape. Strong enough to maintain direction and rigidity while fishing wire through walls – yet flexible enough to maneuver past obstacles. The Ferret features a unique guide wheel to help it glide over obstacles with ease.

This fish tape has outstanding durability thanks to its fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction. The Ferret wire fishing tool can make it through tight spaces without a scratch. The guide wheel is made of a high-performance polymer so it can survive impacts and bends.

The Ferret comes with a steel hook accessory that attaches to the tail. The hook makes it easy to grab difficult-to-reach cables so you can work more quickly and efficiently. This is the perfect wire pulling tool for solo jobs.

  • Available in 4 m (13 feet) and 8 m (26 feet) length. 
  • Includes 1 spring steel hook accessory for difficult-to-reach cables. 
  • The fish tape is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer. 
  • Long and rigid enough to travel up the wall cavity of a two-story building (8-meter Ferret only). 
  • VERSATILE – Capable of horizontal, corner, diagonal, top-down & bottom-up wiring. The Ferret allows smooth wire fishing through walls, ceilings, and cramped spaces and even lets you pull wire solo. 
  • HEAVY-DUTY – The Ferret is strong and maneuverable so you can fish wire through walls without it going off course or getting stuck. Traditional fish tapes often distort or bend. The Ferret is the solution to these problems. 
  • ACCESSORIES – The guide wheel gets into tight spaces and glides over obstacles, concrete, and mortar. The tail connects to cables for secure pulling and attaches to the steel hook for reaching distant cables. 
  • DURABLE – Built with fiberglass-reinforced polymer, The Ferret fish tape can take a beating. The head and tail are made of high-performance polymer for flex fatigue resistance, reflective memory, and chemical and impact resistance.