Rack-A-Tiers SM802, Soldering Clip for LED Tape Lights

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Simplify the soldering process of LED tape lights!
SolderM8 is designed to help electricians and lighting installers by providing an easy to use solution for soldering LED strip/tape light connections.

SolderM8 holds wires firmly in place to the LED strip light terminals to act as an extra pair of hands and to make soldering easy and efficient.

It is constructed using a high temp plastic. It uses neodymium magnets integrated in the construction to give it a magnetic base. It has gecko/Nano suction pads on the bottom to help solderM8 stick to any surface.

The underside of the SolderM8 is equipped with a special suction cup-like adhesive that will stick to flat or textured surfaces at every angle, even upside down.

Simply secure your LED strip wires by clipping them to the device, and then dab solder on the newly jointed wires to form a bond. Then repeat the process as needed.